Flatbed Towing Vs Wheel Lift Towing – Las Vegas Towing

Las Vegas Towing – Flatbed towing or Wheel lift Towing?

If you’re ever looking into Las Vegas towing Flatbed towing is a towing method which involves a specialized truck with a carrier on its rear popularly referred to as a flat bed. The damaged car is lifted onto the carrier and another vehicle pulls it. On the other hand, wheel-Lift towing involves using a hook and an hydraulic lift where a large metal yoke is fitted under the front or rear wheels of the damaged car to cradle it. The hydraulic hoist will lift the front of the vehicle for it to be effectively towed. These two types of car towing are best and convenient in different situations  of Las Vegas towing and are fit for different type of cars. For instance, Flatbed towing is best suited for cars which are light as heavy and bulky vehicles may exceed the capacity of the carrier and cause more harm. Flatbed towing also needs moving vehicles as it will need to climb up the flat bed carrier and therefore this Las Vegas towing method is not fit for a completely damaged vehicle which cannot move. FlatBed towing is suitable for valuable and expensive cars so that they are not susceptible to scratch and damage by rocks and debris while on transport.

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With wheel lift towing, it is most convenient for accident vehicles with a locomotive disadvantage. It best suits vehicles with damaged wheels, engine problem, or even those involved in an accident and cannot completely move. This Las Vegas towing method is fast and convenient but is disadvantageous in the essence that the metal yoke used to lift the car may cause a scratch to the car or even damage the frame and bumper. But most towing companies including Las Vegas towing, have put in place safety measures to ensure the towed vehicle do not sustain any problem while being towed.

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For the best and most expedient Las Vegas towing services, None Stop Towing Vegas has all the latest machines and tools which ensure your vehicle reach its destination in time and without any further damage. The company has skilled, experienced and qualified technicians who perform their duties with a professional touch. The company offers cheaper prices and serves the whole Henderson neighborhood and the entire Las Vegas.


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